So, the iPhone 4S has been announced, and the big story is Siri. I'm absolutely loving the promises and have dreamed of something similar for a while, so much so that I'm considering getting one despite being perfectly happy with my iPhone 4. Then I see this post on Techcrunch talking about a free voice to text app. Wow.

Here's the demo video...

The genius of this is not that it lets you send a text by talking to the phone. Siri can do that. The genius of this is two-fold. First, and most importantly for the driving example they focus on, is that you don't need to touch or even look at the phone to trigger the thing to respond to you. It's Star Trekky - always listening for you to speak the magic phrase. And second, it's not a Google app. A third-party app can hook into the voice recognition and text-to-speech engines. Just think of the possibilities!

Is this enough to convince me to get an Android phone and skip the iPhone 4S? I think it might be, but it's a decision I need to think about a bit more. The possibility of writing a mobile app with speech recognition and text-to-speech capabilities has my creative itches becoming very active.

OTOH I have a lot of apps on my iPhone that I'd find it hard to live without. Research time!

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