I'm so on board with the message in this video. I've worked in a variety of offices, and the idea of no-talking Thursdays is hugely appealing!

An office I recently worked in decided to ban the use of headphones and instead have streaming radio played on some speakers in the middle of the room. The idea was to encourage people to talk to each other more. I agree with the sentiment, but as someone who uses headphones to block the world out when I need to concentrate for an extended period of time I think it's an extreme reaction to the lack social interaction within the room.

I think there's a happy medium between too much talking in an office (i.e. you can't get anything done), and keeping a casual, social atmosphere. It comes down to respect, and other offices in which I've worked have understood that when I put on my headphones I need time to concentrate.

As Jason mentions in the video, technology such as instant messaging allows non-verbal contact where the recipient is in control of whether it interrupts them or not. I'd rather ignore an IM notification for a while than have to regain my train of thought after someone has finished their verbal interruption.

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