I've put a post up on my personal blog detailing my goals for 2010 and this post will expand on some of the ideas I've had for the work goal.

The core of the goal is to create more freedom. Freedom to do what I want to do. Freedom to work when and how I want to. Freedom to experiment with new ways of earning a living.


When I wonder what I'm passionate about I see a common thread... I love to teach people. Whether it's teaching a class of kids, training a group of adults, mentoring an employee or answering questions in mailing lists, I love to share my knowledge and experience. I love seeing the "I get it!" moments and generally watching people develop new skills.

I have a couple of ideas when it comes to exploring this passion. I'm going to create a set of screencasts on at least one topic, possibly two. I haven't decided what model to use for revenue yet, if any, but the first few episodes will definitely be free forever.

I want to look at what else I can do in this area because it's a very important part of my personality and I know I have a lot to give.


I love photography, and this year I want to develop this passion and my existing skills. I have recently had my first exposure of on-location portrait photography and I found it extremely fulfilling. I want to do more of it.

I want to start building a stock portfolio. Over the years I've taken some excellent stock shots, but I'm yet to have one accepted by iStockphoto. The reasons given have been varied, but tend to be around the areas of resolution (old camera), sharpness (interpolation didn't fool them) and subjects. I think I have a great eye for this type of shot but I've never taken photos specifically for that purpose. That will change this year.


Generally speaking I hate taking holidays, but I've realised that this is due to my attitude to the word. Travel is something else entirely. I really enjoy exploring new places. When combined with photography it's completely different, so I want to do a lot more of it this year.

I haven't worked out any details yet but I'm planning a number of trips both within the UK and beyond. Some will be day trips, others will be weekends and a couple will be longer, but the idea is to get out there and see the world, little by little ;)

As soon as I post the form to get my passport renewed..........


Online 2

I really love internet-based technologies. Design, development, languages, architecture, tools, strategies, SEO... everything about the internet excites me... except coding. These days I'm finding that spending my hours coding away, writing the same stuff I've always written is leaving me excessively deflated. Except when I have an interesting problem to solve.

There's nothing I like more than when a new and interesting problem comes along that needs solving. I will happily spend 48 hours straight designing and coding a solution, because it has grabbed my attention. If coding's what I'm going to be doing then that's the sort of coding I need to find. If not then I want to be architecting solutions.

In an ideal world I would be consulting for a number of startup companies, bringing my broad range of expertise and experience to the table without the burden of a full-time employee. If you'd like to talk about how I can help you check out my LinkedIn profile and/or contact me.

And more...

That doesn't cover everything I have planned but it's the key points and all I'm willing to reveal publicly ;). I'm very excited about the next twelve months and the opportunities and experiences they'll bring. If you want to be a part of it, let me know.

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