It's 5am and I can't sleep. When this happens I usually fire up Boxee and find something to watch, so that's what I did. I was happy to see that since the last time I used it Boxee appear to have added a bunch more internet sources, which is great. However, the following 15 minutes were nearly the most frustrating of my life so far.

I understand regional restrictions. I don't necessarily agree with the reason they're there, but I understand why.

What I can't understand is why they're not shown up-front when browsing available content. On sites like Joost, Hulu and others you have to actually start streaming content before you get told you can't view it. They clearly know where you're coming from but they still insist on not telling you what you can and can't watch until you actually try.

Maybe there's a technical reason why it works this way (I can't think of one that couldn't be easily worked around), or maybe there's a licensing reason for it. Whatever the reason it makes attempting to use any of these sites more and more frustrating the more region-limited content they contain.

So here's my plea... please will these sites make it clear from the highest level possible in the browsable structure whether content is viewable from my current location. That's all I ask.

Boxee themselves don't help out with this problem. Take theWB for example. You can't access the website at all if you're outside the US (see below), but you can if you use Boxee. Right down to the content level, but when you start streaming you then get a message telling you it's restricted.

theWB - US only

So, Boxee and co... sort it out!!

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