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Must be that time of year again... yet another redesign for

I've not been liking the old dark and heavy design for a while now, but it's taken me a while to find inspiration. The new design is what I would call semi-heavy. The header is pretty dense but the main content area is spacious and completely customisable on a per-page basis. Hopefully this will make the content more readable.

And speaking of content, expect a lot more in the near future. Ever since the last major redesign I've been meaning to write a number of articles covering the PHP "framework" I've evolved, my use of Git and a number of non-technical pieces. I find writing content like this quite relaxing and I intend to do a lot more of it from now on, making time for it where necessary.

One major thing is still outstanding and that's to fully integrate this blog and my photography content with the main site. The aim is to consolidate my online presence as much as makes sense. Migrating the blog over should be pretty simple, but sorting out the photography section is a bit of a monster job so that may take some time.

Another section that needs attention is projects. As I was working through the site making sure all the new styles were properly assigned I was reminded that a lot of the projects have statements to the effect of "when I get time I'll publish this". So, when I find some time I might get around to publishing those ;).

Comments on the new design are welcomed. It's all my own work and since design is far from my one of my strengths it's good to hear what people think.

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