When I first came across the MacHeist Bundle offer I though it was too good to be true. The fact is that it's a fantastic bargain. For the grand total of $49 you get 14 software packages that would normally cost just short of a whopping $500. If you're only after two or three of them it still represents a massive saving.

I bought it primarily for Snapz Pro but since checking out the rest of the bundle I've realised it's much more of a bargain than I though it was. If you have a Mac I strongly recommend you check it out soon as it's a time-limited offer. Since I bought it they've added a few more packages making it even more of a bargain. These include a game, WingNuts2, of which I've been playing the demo for a while now. It'll be nice to get to the next level!

Once you've bought it you get an invite URL, here's mine: https://www.macheist.com/buy/invite/92105. If you get two people to buy the bundle through that link you unlock licenses for two extra packages, LaunchBar and Notebook. If you're going to buy it I'd appreciate it if you could use that URL. Thanks.

Update 22/01/08: Thanks to everyone who bought the bundle through the URL in the post - I now have both referral packages unlocked. And if you haven’t looked at Notebook you should. It’s a great little app, well-worth the asking price.

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